Spring break took me to sunny Southern California! Not only was I in need of some R & R, but a good dose of inspiration was a must. Disneyland was just the ticket!

Having lived in Los Angeles at the start of my career, I had visited Disneyland many times but I had never really looked at it through my artist eyes. Sure, I had always appreciated the magic, but this time I studied. One attraction in particular spoke to my artist soul. It's a Small World.

I learned a little bit more about it too. It was originally created in 1964 by Walt Disney to debut at the New York World's Fair as a salute to the children of the world. Walt had brought in the amazing artist Mary Blair to help with the design. If you are an artist, you are most likely familiar with Mary Blair. Her style was perfect for this special project. In 1966 It's A Small World found a permanent home at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

In Disneyland you wait in line. A lot. But there is more than sunshine to soak up standing beneath the gorgeous facade of It's A Small World. From the sparkling white structure with its spinning and twirling gold details to the animal topiaries, what's not to enjoy? And that clock parade... oh that clock parade! When the clock chimes the doors pop open and out parade the most adorable characters singing that unforgettable song. And then it's your turn and in the boat you go to take the "happiest cruise that ever sailed 'round the world"! 

The graphic and stylized scenes, adorable characters and gorgeous light and colors transported me around the globe and brought me back home with oodles of inspiration.