I am always looking for fresh ways to mix colors and create new color palettes to use in my work. One of the best ways I have found to get new color mixes is by taking photos of things that jump out at me when I am out and about. I created two new color palettes inspired by my recent travel to Alaska.

My first palette is inspired by my visit to Glacier Bay National Park. The deep blues of the icy water, the blues and grays of the glacier ice and the greens and browns of the landscape create a beautiful color mix. Who knew there were so many shades of blue in ice!

ColorPaletteBlogPostImage_Glacier Bay.jpg

My favorite stop in Alaska was the city of Ketchikan. It’s beauty speaks for itself but what I really loved are the colorful buildings and houses scattered among the evergreen trees. Perfect color inspiration!





Inspiration was everywhere I looked as I traveled through different Alaska towns. From the downtown sculptures and park benches to my visit to the totem poles and Clan House at Totem Bight State Historical Park, the art of the Alaskan Native people is all around you. The art is bold with beautiful colors and the distinct shapes create a graphic quality that I love. There are stories and events associated with much of the Native art, particularly the totem poles, and it is difficult to avoid an emotional connection and sense of reverence when standing in a beautiful, wooded landscape viewing them.




But wait… first things first! We need a family cruise graphic to go on our matching cruise sweatshirts!

Travel is good for the soul. Through travel we learn things about new places, people, cultures and ourselves. This past August I had a great adventure that took me to the Land of the Midnight Sun: Alaska.


My adventure began with my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. In celebration, it was their wish that the whole family set a course for adventure on board the Princess Ruby cruise ship - destination Alaska! I have never considered myself a cruiser and would never have chosen a cruise as option number one when making travel plans. Visions of being stuck on a boat for long stretches of time, sea sickness, or worse Norovirus, danced in my head (remember the poop cruises that were in the news a few years ago?) . My worst fears never came to fruition, however, and cruising turned out to be much more enjoyable than I could have imagined. It is really a great way to see Alaska for the first time and there is no better way to see Glacier Bay, which was was a moving experience in itself.

Alaska is spectacular! The scenery is breathtaking and it is full of beautiful art, culture, people and food. It was a truly memorable and super fun adventure! I found inspiration everywhere and I will share more of what inspired me in a future post!